Our own office brew.

SANDIS has always employed a number of home-brewing enthusiasts but it wasn’t until 2014 that our team began brewing in the warehouse of the old Sunnyvale office after work. Eventually, the group began to grow as other employees, including the ownership, wanted to learn the process and be involved. SANDIS began purchasing larger brewing equipment so that more beer could be made and more employees could get involved. Employees loved drinking the home brew at office BBQ parties and other social events which made everyone wonder “why keep this to ourselves?”

December 2014 marked the first year that SANDIS beer was brewed and bottled for a number of our clients. After receiving great feedback from clients about the quality and creativity that went into the gift, SANDIS began to grow the brewing program even more. In July of 2015, SANDIS moved its largest office from Sunnyvale to Campbell. Part of the renovation of the new office included a casual conference room/tap room where employees can now host their clients for a drink after work.

The holiday client brewing has grown to be so large now that SANDIS has partnered with a local brewery to use their equipment for the brewing while still creating the recipe and managing each step of the process.