2018 Merit Award

2018 ACEC Award

SANDIS has won a Merit Award for the Morgan Hill Downtown Placemaking Program project in the ACEC California 2018 Engineering Excellence Award competition!

The SANDIS team was responsible for design of three projects within the Downtown Placemaking Program including the Complete Street Reconstruction, Hardscape and Landscaping and Undergrounding of Overhead Utilities.  SANDIS’ efforts to transform the downtown core encompassed:

  • Complete street reconstruction of Fourth Street between Monterey Road and Depot Street. Improvements were coordinated with and complemented the proposed city-owned Downtown Parking structure and the planned Sunsweet Development Project.
  • Hardscape and landscaping along First Street, Second Street and Fifth Street on the east and west sides of Monterey Road including:
    • Replacement of broken sidewalk, curb and gutter
    • New street lighting
    • Landscaping
    • AC Pavement Overlay
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Pedestrian crossings for intersections along Monterey Road
  • Traffic calming
  • Pedestrian, Bicyclist, and Vehicular Safety Improvements
  • Wet utility upgrades (water, sewer and storm drain)
  • Floodplain Study to address nearly annual flood of local creek
  • Undergrounding overhead utilities on:
    • First Street between Del Monte Avenue and Depot Street
    • Second Street between Del Monte Avenue and Depot Street
    • Fourth Street between Monterey Road and Depot Street
  • Landscaping and irrigation within the median along Monterey Road
  • Decorative paving and landscaping at intersections
  • Uplighting of trees in median
  • Replace street furniture


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