Bank of America ADA Projects

The Projects:

SANDIS has been working hard on over 50 Bank of America ADA compliance projects since early last year, what is pictured is only a small sampling.  It has been and continues to be a huge undertaking with several staff members logging several hundred hours (drafting alone has taken over 400 hours so far!) involving our engineering, surveying and mapping teams.

Teams & Contributions:

Engineering: Michael Kuykendall, Associate Principal; Ron Sanzo, Associate Principal; Nathan Allen, Project Manager; Benjamin Hallett, Design Engineer; Paul Boren, Project Engineer; Dan Lee, Design Engineer; Bruce Davis, Project Manager; Amir Buchbinder, Design Engineer; Jenner Philips, Project Engineer; Shaun Carberry, CAD Manager; Ruben Beuzenberg, CAD Technician; Jason Ristau, CAD Technician; Gus Lopez, CAD Technician

Surveying and Mapping:  Mike Rosa, Party Chief; Derrick Harley, Party Chief; Austin Stratton, Party Chief; Manuel Ortiz, Survey Technician

Congratulations to SANDIS Engineering, Surveying and Mapping teams on this extensive team effort!